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Socially, craftspeople and artisans come from some of the most disadvantaged communities, with very little opportunities for self development and growth. We desire to become the instrument through which the artisans can directly connect with the global audience, we desire to be the resource which helps craft sell not as objects but the Indian culture .


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Handicrafts in Asia are as numerous as beautiful! They contribute in many ways to promote the Asian culture and former civilizations.

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Asian crafts are so various, in terms of materials and skills they required.

Bamdeb, Pattchitra

Passing on those technical skills and know-how to the next generations is really important to preserve them, as we can keep admiring how gifted and creative are Asian people.

Rizwan, Chanderi

Bangaldesh styles of handicrafts are a bit different from the ones of their neighbors.

Himghansu, GARM